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After many years providing direct executive business management from start-ups, to major international programmes and projects, I have now decided to slow down, slim down, and move to providing personal focused support and advice.

As a recognised specialist leading procurement, tendering, and commercial and supply chain management at the executive level I can help you develop the ‘input side’ of your business operations. From strategic sourcing within the supply chain, right through into effective outsourcing of service delivery management major programme management and if required on into improved public sector sales.

A little background. Over the past 25 years I’ve; led the establishment and contract management of major overseas defence facilities, at CIO level I have been responsible for the technical approval and contract acceptance for £1bn of the worlds largest public procurement programme.

Starting from absolute zero I’ve created and led 3 financially successful businesses. I have created from greenfield 3rd party supply chain organisations managing to £1bn in contract value. My expertise and advice has been sought by UK GOV during complex international business disputes at the international court of arbitration. I’ve led large scale organisations across multiple business sectors to be leaner, fitter, and to achieve their best, cutting costs, improving quality and enjoying success. I have been directly contracted to advise, mentor, and support staff in senior roles across both public and private sectors. Contact Me Here


The online presence you see here is designed to provide a variety of technology acquisition focused articles, training courses, and blogs designed to assist organisations and individuals to develop their own commercial management capabilities and enhance their professional development needs.

Utilising my experience you can access over 25 years of knowledge gained creating success business startups and delivering some of the worlds most complex and challenging supply side technology projects and programmes for some of the worlds leading public and private sector organisations.

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My wide collaboration experience also motivates me to explore and share the opportunities that effective strategic management brings whilst providing information about the quickly changing supply side environment.

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