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"scientia potentia est" knowledge is power (Thomas Hobbes, 1668)

The Academy

Access easily downloadable Master Class courses. Enhance your public sector sales, operations, and knowledge. Browse and click on items for a full description.

The download courses focus on improved sales access for specific markets such as the UK public sector. Click here for an example of the public sector sales master class.

The courses can also be used to support your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio with accredition*.

Our Easy Download Process:

For each digital download click on add to basket and follow the checkout process. If you do not have a paypal account just click the ‘pay with card’ option on the paypal page. Depending on the payment method you will then either receive an email with a link to your download, or be re-directed to the download link. Don’t forget to use your correct email address, and immediately upon access save the course you have downloaded to your device, and if you have any problems contact us! Free downloads only require you to leave a registration email address.

*Our in house developed courses are currently going through certification with the CPD Certification Service*.