Winning at Public Sector Tenders and Sales

How to find your way through the public sector tendering minefield – Understanding your customer. Higher value public sector tendering can be a minefield of missed opportunity and excessive effort for very little gain. But with a little insider knowledge you can turn this problem to your advantage. In my experience the key reasons for this effort strewn missed opportunity minefield are; a. The supply chain seem to think tendering is the only route to public sector work. and b. … Read More

The ‘Chequers Plan’ and Public Sector Procurement Rules

How will the UK Government ‘Chequers Plan’ effect public sector procurement within the UK and what potential effect could it have on the approach to both tendering and procurement? A close examination of PM Theresa Mays mansion house speech delivered on the 2nd March 2018 (for a full draft see┬áhere) initally gave some small clues into the greatly anticipated impact that brexit will cause to public sector procurement and tendering, and the likely direction for future UK public sector tending … Read More