What do you do?

I provide businesses and organisations with advice and support on supply side, and supply chain management and through project and programme management issues. I help both through this web site, through the site Academy, also through on-site support and on a 121 basis. I will also provide more in-depth support to organisations who wish me to deliver more complex programme and project support solutions.

Why Specialist Management Consulting?


a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.
“he is a specialist in” synonyms : expertauthoritypunditprofessionalconsultant.

How can I be sure you can do what you say?


I have been researching and providing change management solutions to a large number of organisations and industry sectors for over 25 years. I have focused specifically on supply side management mainly within information technology for the past 18 years whilst also leading technology acquisition and programme management at executive level for some of the worlds largest technology implementation programmes.

I have also created and developed from greenfield  3 successful startup consulting businesses. This success has allowed me to provide the flexible services that I now find the most interesting. Previous customers and their repeat business is my greatest reference, I’ve also been quite successful over the years with the solutions that I provide which indicates that I deliver a level of expertise that hopefully people seem to want or need!


How can I access personal support?

Use the contact details here and contact me personally.

How can I guarantee your solutions work?

The only guarantee I can give you is that you will have easy access, to expert, up-to date information and solutions based on a vast amount of previous experience based on observation, reflection and on site testing of what works and what doesn’t work within supply side management.

Various academic approaches to this experience learning cycle are shown here: The Experience Learning Cycle.

Why don’t I just learn all this myself or go on a training course?

You can!

It just takes much longer to gather all of the information you need, sort the specific need from all of the other information, and then be in a position to apply it to real life situations.

In my case it’s been 35 years of (still) learning and applying the subject in real working conditions and not in a class room (although I do have a university degree in business), and of course a classroom costs far more money than a download from the Academy and using my experience.

How much do you charge?

It all depends. The online advice is all free of course. I’m also funded by various sources of income including revenue from the site, and by charging for direct support by a variety of organisations.