Public Sector Sales Guide: 4 Module Foundation Download Master Class

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Want to Easily Increase your Public Sector Sales Success?  The majority of customers who purchase this download want to increase their public sector sales success and open up access to £122bn of public sector contracts. This download course explains how the public sector is structured, how it buys its goods and services, and explains how the buying decisions are made. This course will increase your sales and help you access new markets.



The potential opportunity for commercial sector businesses to sell into the £122bn UK public sector market place is massive. The UK Government has a stated an aim to vastly increase the share of contracts directed toward small and medium sized companies.

The Public Sector consists of a vast number of disparate complex organisations all seemingly operating in different ways with differing needs and wants. The Public Sector Sales Master Class is designed to follow a structured learning process first explaining this massive potential market and then distilling this information into the key steps you need to increase your public sector sales potential and improve your competitive advantage.

Each subsequent module within the master class set builds upon the previous module, firstly the module describes the benefits features and learning outcomes. This approach then prepares you to digest and internalise and understand in context the important information that follows the description of the learning outcomes.

Each Module then provides a set of review questions. The review questions are designed to support the learning outcomes described at the beginning of each module. Being able to answer the review questions in context then provides to you the personal verification of what you have learned and internalised. Finally where relevant each module provides a list of all the web links to enable you to access sales opportunities.

Course Content

  • Master Class Introduction

  • How to Follow The UK Public Sector Sales Master Class

  • Module 1 – An Introduction to the UK Public Sector

  • Module 2 – The Public Sector Buying Process

  • Module 3 – How the Public Sector Decides What and When to Buy

  • Module 4 – The Public Sector Tendering Process

The UK Public Sector Sales Master Class is full of useful content. The following content list describes each individual module and the benefits that the module provides.

Module 1 – An Introduction to the UK Public Sector

Module 1 – Content

  1. Overview of the UK Public Sector
  2. The Size of the UK Public Sector
  3. Organisational Structure of the UK Public Sector
  4. Central Government Structure
  5. Local Government Structure
  6. Procurement within the UK Public Sector
  7. Reasons for Becoming a Public Sector Supplier

Module 1 – Benefits

  1. As a result of completing this module you will enhance your understanding, be able to visualise and describe the scope and scale of the public sector and the potential market place to others.
  2. With the knowledge that this module provides you will be able to begin to segment and target your UK Public Sector sales efforts and create a more specific informed sales and marketing strategy,
  3. The public sector is in a constant state of flux, this module will a save you time and cost spent researching the market its structure and its potential for sales opportunities.

Module 2 – The Public Sector Buying Process

Module 2 – Content

  1. Procurement
  2. Background – Procurement Legislation
  3. The Procurement Process
  4. Major Procurement Steps
  5. Framework Contracts Explained
  6. The Tender Process
  7. Brexit

Module 2 – Benefits

  1. The module will enhance your understanding of the public sector buying process saving time and effort on miss-directed expensive sales campaigns.
  2. Knowledge of the buying process and how the public sector applies the process will allow you to anticipate the buyers potential next steps.
  3. The module will enable you to understand and explain the public sector buying process in straight-forward
  4. By explaining how the procurement process is used and applied within different sectors, and how differing levels of spend use different processes, you will be able to target your products to appropriate potential buyers.
  5. The module will also help you to understand the potential impact of Brexit on future sales campaigns providing you with insight and competitive advantage.

Module 3 – The Decision to Buy Within the UK Public Sector

Module 3 – Content

  1. Decision Making – Operational vs Legislative
  2. Key Reasons for Buying
  3. Efficiency v Cost
  4. Who’s Involved in a Buying Decision
  5. Supporting Organisations Influence
  6. Early Access to Buying Decisions

Module 3 – Benefits

  1. This module will provide you with an understanding of public sector decision making. This understanding will enable you access the decision making process earlier in the procurement process and give you a competitive advantage to influence, prepare for, secure, and then effectively deliver against any eventual procurement tender.
  2. As a result of completing module 3 you will be able to describe to others what prompts the initial decision making within the UK public sector and the sales advantages that knowledge of the process can bring.
  3. Module 3 will enable you to identify the early stage activities that will result in future buying decisions with the result that you can anticipate potential sales opportunities giving you an advantage over your competitors.
  4. Understanding of the importance of the initial decision making process, and how the opportunity arises to influence its timing and content can result in more higher value sales opportunities.

Module 4 – The Public Sector Tendering Process

Module 4 – Content

  1. Legislation and the Tendering Process
  2. The EU Threshold
  3. The Tendering Machine
  4. Tender Evaluation
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tendering
  6. Public Sector Tendering – Changes and Brexit

Module 4 – Benefits

  1. Module 4 will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the UK Public Sector tendering process and will enable you to explain to others how and why the process exists and how it works.
  2. The module will help you gain a personal understanding of potential areas to focus on when tendering and improve your competitive advantage.
  3. The module explains the importance of creating an in-house tendering process which will help you to create your own Public Sector ‘tendering machine’, and will enable you to explain why it is so important and will give you the best chance of winning tenders.
  4. An understanding of the ways in which the UK Public controls buying by using a tendering process will enable you to improve your own company’s buying organisation by applying proven and effective processes and controls
  5. The module will enable you to take an informed view of the impact of the UK’s future exit from the European Union and what impact it will have on the UK Public Sector tendering processes. As Brexit becomes clearer the module also explains how further sales opportunities could be identified across the EU.