Public Sector Sales Guide: Module 1 Download – Introducing the UK Public Sector


The UK Public Sector is massive sales opportunity. For that essential in-depth view this single module course ‘introducting the UK Public Sector’ (part of the full Public Sector Sales Master Class) delivers 5 incredibly in-depth and informative sections. The customers who purchase this course find the detail that it provides of this incredibly large sector, how the sector and all its departments are structured, and the exceptional sales opportunities it can open up, incredibly useful for increasing their sales opportunities.


This Module 1 is split into 5 key sections and provides a foundational overview of the incredibly large UK Public Sector sector, and the exceptional sales opportunities it can provide to companies and sales organisations.

For suppliers and potential suppliers a good understanding this complex structure is fundamental to identifying and accessing the vast external spend that the sector releases every year. Module 1 is constructed to provide that understanding, the module describes the sector scale, its organisation, and just as importantly how this vast ‘sector’ spends a vast amount of money.

The module is structured from the basis of what you really need to know to understand; how the sector works, how the sector buys, why the sector buys what it buys, and the potential commercial opportunities the sector provides to organisations such as yours.

Module 1 – Contents

  1. Overview of the UK Public Sector
  2. The Size of the UK Public Sector
  3. Organisational Structure of the UK Public Sector
  4. Central Government Structure
  5. Local Government Structure
  6. Procurement within the UK Public Sector
  7. Reasons for Becoming a Public Sector Supplier

Module 1 – Benefits

  1. As a result of completing this module you will enhance your understanding, be able to visualise and describe the scope and scale of the public sector and the potential market place to others.
  2. With the knowledge that this module provides you will be able to begin to segment and target your UK Public Sector sales efforts and create a more specific informed sales and marketing strategy,
  3. The public sector is in a constant state of flux, this module will a save you time and cost spent researching the market its structure and its potential for sales opportunities.