A Range of Specialist Support Services

Project and Programme Management

Supporting clients management needs effectively requires extensive expertise based on a wide range of management experience. Experience extending across; vertical operational management, horizontal strategic direction, and matrix programme and project management.

Project and Programme Management Support Features Include:

  • Project Management Resources

  • Programme Management Resources

  • Programme Leadership

  • Project Management Functional Construction

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is changing. The rapid pace of technological change has driven the need for flexible and agile technology sourcing strategies. Strategies aligned with supply chain expertise, and supplier collaboration capability. We provide that capability and develop your technology supply chain based on our extensive expertise and experience.

Support for:

  • Public Sector Tenders & Contracting

  • Commercial Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Contract Management

  • Sourcing Stratigies

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Technology Solution Sourcing

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Contract Schedule Construction

Strategic Management

Supporting both large and small clients management needs requires extensive expertise based on a wide range of management experience. With experience across; vertical operations management, horizontal strategic direction, and matrix programme and project management. Supporting both business startups and major programmes of change.

  • Strategic Direction & Planning

  • Organisational Design

  • Finanical Analysis and Design

  • Executive Governance and Control

  • Strategic Management

Technology Sourcing

A dramatic change is happening within business operations. The expertise to effectively source, manage and support changing technology is becoming the difference between success and failure.

Capitalising on this change requires a new type of management. An expert with wide supply side operations commercial management and technology experience, complemented by a range of managerial tools to quickly assess, advise, and implement. An expert who will keep your suppliers and customers satisfied, deliver solutions, and retain your competitive advantage.

With over 20 years of experience in technology sourcing, supply chain and contract management, you can directly access that support here.

Low overheads and flexibility mean that your Return On Investment will always be exceptional.








Service Examples

Supply Chain Management

The vast majority of business operations and technically led projects today rely on the external supply chain to provide the vast majority of products and services. Client organisations often don’t retain all of the necessary skills and experience to effectively manage the sometimes proactive and potentially aggressive supply chain. The result is that control is lost, costs escalate, and quality can be compromised.

If this sounds like your situation David Cox Consulting can help. We have developed techniques for improving supplier relationship management, from constructing contracts to effectively managing some of the worlds largest technology acquisition and supply chain management challenges.

Contract Construction Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

To ensure everything goes smoothly effective contract construction which includes technically appropriate contract schedules and controls are essential from the outset. We are experts in constructing the formal content required for technology acquisition contracts including schedules and controls which keep things on track and the supplier relationship intact.

Unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong between you and your suppliers. Deadlines keep getting missed, solutions are misinterpereted, costs escallate and confusion reigns. Without resolution the situation will only escalate, but there is a solution.

We can help you both to get back on the path. With vast experience resolving and remedying technology supply chain disputes involving contracts to over £1/2 billion. Using our independent support and conflict resolution techniques there is no reason your technology programme cannot be put back on track and to a successful conclusion.

Independent Health Reviews

An independent view is sometimes worth far more than a closed internal analysis. We can all be subject to group think. Getting someone who is truly independent to take a look at your situation and provide an honest assessment is sometimes worth its weight in gold.

If this sounds like something that can help you we bring a vast experience of entering organisations and honestly and objectively assessing the current situation, from project reviews and on up to board level strategic direction. Our independent situation reviews will help keep your business operations, and technology projects and programmes on track.

Interim Management Support for Project and Programmes

By their very nature projects and programmes of work are (or should be!) transient. Organisations don’t always either retain fixed headcount to manage all of their projects or programmes or have the level of experience necessary in certain specific areas meaning work gets delayed or the quality slips.

If you find yourself in this situation our support will be invaluable. We have provided senior interim management support for technology acquisition and outsourced supply chain projects and programmes for some of the worlds most successful companies and on some of the worlds largest projects.

Construction of Project Plans and Documentation

Straightforward fit for purpose effective plans and documentation are an absolute requirement to deliver effective projects. Sometimes the ‘paperwork’ becomes all encompasing and a job to manage in itself, or conversly is sadly lacking in its structure and content to be anywhere near as effective as it can be.

When you find your projects are bogged down or wandering uncontrolably due to either lack of, or overabundance of, ‘paperwork’ We have the experience to quickly and effectively create concise, controlling, governance, and day to day management documentation for you getting things back on track.

Programme Construction

To be effective programmes of work need effective governance and control. Attempting to structure and manage programmes as projects creates all kinds of problems. From confusion over who decides what, to project management controlling the programme itself.

If this sounds like your programme we can construct and provide appropriate controls for you. Creating order and management amongst the potential chaos.

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